a realistic dose of cynicism


A healthy tension.


Imagine a kite. It comes equipped with everything it needs to fly, and fly high. A lightweight frame of wood or plastic tubing for support, sheets of nylon to capture the wind, and maybe even a tail for adornment as it’s taken up into the sky. A kite, built with one clear purpose in mind. To fly.

Sounds good so far, right?

Not exactly. Just as important to the kite as the mere frame and fabric it’s made from is the string that ties it down and anchors it to the ground.

You might think that the kite would say to the string, “blasted piece of twine. all you’re doing is tying me down and holding me back. just imagine how high I could soar without you.”

But is that really the truth?

It’s certainly true that the kite could fly much higher if that bit of string weren’t in the picture. In that sense, it’s holding the kite back from what it could really accomplish.

But you and I both know what would happen if the kite managed to wriggle itself free. Sure, it’d soar high into the stratosphere, but don’t forget about the harrowing crash that would soon follow.

In fact, the string that’s holding the kite back and anchoring it to the ground is the very thing that helps it soar. It’s the string that holds the kite up, so to speak.

Now imagine setting that kite free. Free to sail into the atmosphere, gusts of wind taking it wherever they please… but always held back, always tempered, always controlled by the string.

The tension is there, but it is healthy.


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Sasha 2.0. (Taylor 714ce unboxing)

so i got a new toy…

and since a picture is 1000 words, please excuse this excessively verbose blogpost.


ooh, it’s in a big box…


apparently it’s filled with packing peanuts. and apparently i’m very impatient.


what’s the most efficient way to put massive amounts of packing peanuts back into an equally massive box?


much better.


oooh, shiny. well, not really. the case is pretty beat-up.


oooh, my precious.


this picture is kinda dark. but let’s just call it understated elegance.


i don’t think i’ll ever get over how beautiful rosewood is. and so shiny.


and the other side just for good measure.

more here (Picasa)

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D70, day 2.

Let’s see, I don’t like Picasa. No image hotlinking of any kind. They’re YOUR images!
I don’t like Flickr either. Only 100MB a month? How can you do any kind of serious image hosting? $24.95 a year? sigh…
Facebook… only 60 low-resolution pictures to an album. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it.

D70 shots, day 2 (April 25, 2009)
D70 shots, day 1 (April 24, 2009)

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D70, Day 1.

today, i:

got drilled and then proceeded to drill.
didn’t work for Sun, but the sun worked on me.

and then i borrowed Josiah’s D70 and took about 91 photos. well, more like 300. but only 91 made the cut.

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our white picket fence.

I moved here from Maryland in the summer of 2000. I remember seeing the house we’d be moving into for the first time – and I remember seeing there was a fence around our entire backyard. It was natural wood-colored, and stood about 6 feet tall.

Unsatisfied with the aesthetics of that fence, I also remember our entire family painting the fence bright green. And when I say bright green, I mean #72e856, BRIGHT GREEN.

Naturally, all our neighbors were pretty pissed, and rightfully so… so we ended up stripping that paint from the fence and re-painting it white to match the color of the house. Which was fine and dandy for about 8 years… and then the paint started to strip. And of course, our neighbors complained about that, too.

And so here’s what we did about that:

We ripped it out of the ground. Except that there are 4 fenceposts that we (brilliantly!) decided to mount via pouring CONCRETE around them. gah…

well anyway here’s what the fence looks like now:

Yeah, it looked very not-pretty. I’d be pretty pissed too.

If you look closely there’s still some tinges of that hideous bright green that we painted the first time.

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Monday afternoon [photo] haikus.

i present to you
mundane happenings at work
Monday afternoon:

rubik’s cube: hello.
don’t peel off all my stickers
i dare you: solve me.

this mouse in my house
has an extremely long tail
his name: Logitech.

Staples’ nemesis
isn’t OfficeMax at all;
but this claw-shaped beast.

when is a mere book
sharper than any halberd?
when it’s the Bible.

look at this keyboard:
slab of plastic. what’s it for?
it’s for giving PROPS.

and three more haikus:
well, after this one of course.
the third line is hard.

caffeine detoxing
is like a Dyson vacuum;
it just really sucks.

i like similes.
especially in haikus.
it feels natural.

like, [5 syllables]
is like [5 more syllables]
[droll explanation]

an empty hallway
means that people worked from home,
still pajama-clad.

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sugar is tweet and so are you.

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