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Sadly, I’ve largely abandoned my post here at my blog. It’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about, though. My mind is perpetually filled with random, disorganized thought. Think of it as a modified game of Plinko (remember that?) where you drop the… round thing into a tube and it makes its way into one of several bins.

A blog post happens when one of those bins ends up being too full, and writing will be my way of processing and emptying that bin. Sometimes the $1000 bin fills up and you get a nice, quality post. Once in a very long while, the $10000 bin seems to be overflowing and then you get an epic post like this.

But at the same time, you can just as easily fill up a $0 bin… and make a post out of that. Those are usually thrown to the wayside, forgotten and run over by the storms of people that flock to your blog for one of those $10000 posts.

What’s the point? …maybe blogging is like a game of Plinko.

But the real culprit here is Twitter; truly, madly, deeply, I blame you.

Instead of waiting for those bins to fill up and overflow in a series of merely-acceptable blogposts, each bin is emptied as soon as one of those… round things (what are they called?!) falls in. And a tweet is born.

As a result, the currently favored method of relieving my repressed narcissism is no longer a well-thought post on my blog. These individual plinks (maybe that’s what you call them!) don’t have time to coalesce themselves into a well-written, interesting, informative, and slightly cynical series of paragraphs.

They are instead smattered into an unorganized, chaotic cesspool, known to us as Twitter.

Thank goodness.


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The blogvolution will not be televised. (maybe, if you ask nicely)

As little time as I have to do it, I still love blogging. I love that people I know are interested in what I have to say… or even what I think. To be perfectly honest, most of the time it’s either hilarious or nonsensical. That’s right. I said it. I’m bipartisan.

It seems to me that blogs are sprouting up all over the place. It almost seems like a chain reaction, whereby one person starts up a really successful blog. People reading this successful blog, wanting also to flaunt their journalistic persona and/or find an outlet for the chaos in their minds, follow exuberantly in their footsteps. I will attempt to… explain this phenomenon. No, not merely explain it… but maybe even diagram it (might as well use this B.S. ECE).

First, a disclaimer: I make no assumptions about who people are friends with. (or is it whom?) Actually, everything that follows is assumed, since I don’t really talk to people anyway.

I noticed that Jenny started a blog today. I can only imagine that this stemmed from her friendship with Denice. Who is the special friend of Jared. Whose roommate is Marc, and is also friends with Calvin (yes, I know they’re the same link). Who are friends of yours truly (aka ME). Who was first inspired by Jess, and ultimately, by Melody.

By Melody? You don’t think I’m serious? Well, I have proof from the horse’s mouth (well, more like pixels on a screen transferred through a series of tubes that originate at squares of plastic that Melody’s fingers actuate):

Me: congratulations!

Melody: on…

Me: …igniting the kindling on the fire of blogvolution

Melody: hahah
Melody: that’s a crazy concept
Melody: I was not the originator

Me: i couldn’t find a better analogy

Melody: well, I started my blog on my birthday last year
Melody: and then
Melody: I don’t know

Me: so was it jess?

Melody: we started ours at the same time
Melody: she started hers like the day after mine

Me: ooh
Me: you ARE the originator
Me: the agent of change
Me: the fearless visionary

I apologize if I’ve left anyone out. If I have, it’s probably because you don’t know me very well. Either that, or a link to your blog isn’t shamelessly plastered all over your google chat status. Which mine is, by the way.

Oh, and that organizational flowchart I promised. According to this, we could even form a semi-crippled, pseudo-semi-sufficient company!

The blogosphere as we know it.

The blogosphere as we know it.

So, to everyone I’ve named (and for everyone I haven’t) who has started a blog recently, you know who to thank… your resident poster child for type-A-ness.

Don’t look me, I don’t know who it is.

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