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A slight upgrade from the Mazda 3…

…the Mazda Pi. Seriously, how awesome is this.



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D70, day 2.

Let’s see, I don’t like Picasa. No image hotlinking of any kind. They’re YOUR images!
I don’t like Flickr either. Only 100MB a month? How can you do any kind of serious image hosting? $24.95 a year? sigh…
Facebook… only 60 low-resolution pictures to an album. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it.

D70 shots, day 2 (April 25, 2009)
D70 shots, day 1 (April 24, 2009)

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D70, Day 1.

today, i:

got drilled and then proceeded to drill.
didn’t work for Sun, but the sun worked on me.

and then i borrowed Josiah’s D70 and took about 91 photos. well, more like 300. but only 91 made the cut.

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our white picket fence.

I moved here from Maryland in the summer of 2000. I remember seeing the house we’d be moving into for the first time – and I remember seeing there was a fence around our entire backyard. It was natural wood-colored, and stood about 6 feet tall.

Unsatisfied with the aesthetics of that fence, I also remember our entire family painting the fence bright green. And when I say bright green, I mean #72e856, BRIGHT GREEN.

Naturally, all our neighbors were pretty pissed, and rightfully so… so we ended up stripping that paint from the fence and re-painting it white to match the color of the house. Which was fine and dandy for about 8 years… and then the paint started to strip. And of course, our neighbors complained about that, too.

And so here’s what we did about that:

We ripped it out of the ground. Except that there are 4 fenceposts that we (brilliantly!) decided to mount via pouring CONCRETE around them. gah…

well anyway here’s what the fence looks like now:

Yeah, it looked very not-pretty. I’d be pretty pissed too.

If you look closely there’s still some tinges of that hideous bright green that we painted the first time.

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the dual nature of calvin

calvin is apparently a wave. but isn’t he a particle, too? hmmm…


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Monday afternoon [photo] haikus.

i present to you
mundane happenings at work
Monday afternoon:

rubik’s cube: hello.
don’t peel off all my stickers
i dare you: solve me.

this mouse in my house
has an extremely long tail
his name: Logitech.

Staples’ nemesis
isn’t OfficeMax at all;
but this claw-shaped beast.

when is a mere book
sharper than any halberd?
when it’s the Bible.

look at this keyboard:
slab of plastic. what’s it for?
it’s for giving PROPS.

and three more haikus:
well, after this one of course.
the third line is hard.

caffeine detoxing
is like a Dyson vacuum;
it just really sucks.

i like similes.
especially in haikus.
it feels natural.

like, [5 syllables]
is like [5 more syllables]
[droll explanation]

an empty hallway
means that people worked from home,
still pajama-clad.

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Music rave: Owl City (if you like Postal Service…)

No, this is not a rave in the party/event sense replete with alcohol, seizure-inducing strobe lights, and illicit drug use. But if you like the Postal Service (which is apparently more mainstream than I thought)… I think you should give this guy a listen =)

Owl City – The Saltwater Room (last.fm; pandora)

time together is just never enough
when we’re apart what are you thinking of?
what will it take to make or break this hint of love?
tell me darling do you ever wish we’d fall in love?
all the time, all the time…

EDIT: It has come to my attention that I know at least TWO! people who are now addicted to this song. <3. Others you can check out:

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Hillsong United, NYC, 6/5.

Hillsong United is playing in New York City on 6/5/2009 at 8pm. I have two tickets up for grabs.


Please please let me know if you are interested. 😀

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Strategy vs. tactics.

What’s the difference between strategy and tactics? Well, if you were there for that one Trellis lesson…

Strategy is an overall view of the battlefield – it’s a point of view that looks at the forest and not the individual trees. Strategy looks at your end goal.
In Halo CTF, strategy is just the objective – go get the enemy flag.

Tactics are your individual nitty-gritty manuevers that achieve very specific goals. Tactics look at your next step.
In Halo CTF, tactics involve a myriad of manuevers – for example, snipe the flag-carrier as he’s hopping into the passenger seat of that Warthog.

In every case, tactics and strategy are intimately intertwined; every tactic should serve the purpose of advancing your strategy.

Not willing to be trivialized to mere video games, strategy and tactics exist on a far broader scale, and that’s in our very lives. I’ve seen that God has his own strategy and tactics for our lives. He’s got a perfect overall plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 19:21). Yup, I believe that… and I’ve heard that a million times. But not only that, he’s got each of our steps planned out too (Proverbs 16:9).

Ergo, on the battlefield of life, God is not only a perfect strategist, but he’s also a brilliant tactician. Each spiritual manuever that he performs is so utterly magnificent, ultimately advancing the plan he’s already set for my life. And I absolutely believe that.

Recently, I’ve often tried to discern the purpose behind each of my steps, the purpose behind each of God’s tactics. I realize he’s orchestrating the symphony of my life from his celestial pedestal. Each movement he makes is never haphazard; never random; never accidental; He has the most specific intention behind each wave of his pinky finger. And I’ve been trying to interpret what those divine purposes are. In a sense, I want to know what God has planned for me before he actually brings it to fruition.

But don’t you think that’s a little naive?… to think that God would want me snooping in on the sheet music perched up on His music stand… that I could know his plans before he reveals them to me. Maybe he has an insane rush of 32nd notes awaiting me, or maybe a relaxing, somewhat boring string of tied whole notes. But if he really let me see his plans for me, I wouldn’t need to depend on him at all! And God wouldn’t let that stand. He wouldn’t reveal his tactics to me, because that would negate my need for me to depend on him, and ultimately neglect my need for a Savior.

And from that, you may conclude that God is a sadist, that he just likes toying with his children, stringing them along. But that’s not it either… maybe he won’t let us know his tactics. But he’s already spelled out his strategy for us, and that won’t ever change; there’s nothing to anticipate or decipher. God’s already said that he has a plan to prosper us, to give us hope and a future.

So… what comes out of all this? As far as tactics go, God won’t let us know in advance. He’ll reveal his plans to us when he wants. The thing is, if God’s truly a brilliant tactician, then his tactics work for the advancement of his strategy. But that’s exactly what God has told me — what I already know — is that God’s strategy is sound. And that’s something I can trust in.

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The idiot’s guide to Twitter. (in 140 characters or less)

You know, there was once a time that I thought Twitter users (tweeters?) were robots with nothing better to do. Like,

_twitter.send(“is now eradicating all human life on Earth!”, “from TwitterFon”)

_twitter.send(“is doing the robot because all the humans are dead. no wait, the robo-boogie.”, “from web”)

And you know, it’s still true.

Twitter… I’m not sure why it’s so addicting. Maybe it’s just like Facebook’s status update feature or your AIM/GChat status… on drugs. Drugs?! I mean like NyQuil. The effect is the same… I guarantee you won’t be doing anything productive for the next eight hours.

I can’t really explain it. But here’s a list of reasons YOU! should try Twitter:

Do you like changing your AIM/GChat status?
I mean, a lot?

Do you think you have “cool” or “witty” or pensive and profound messages?

Do you wish you could keep a record of all these updates so that you and others can see just how cool you are? Twitter is for you.

Twitter also occupies an important social networking niche. The hierarchy, in increasing impersonality: meeting robot-to-robot, video chat, talking on the phone, instant message, TWITTER!!, email, snail mail, telegraph, hand-written, hand-delivered letter attached to a basket of food.

How do you think that robot updated his Twitter feed while he was eradicating all human life? It’s obvious – you can tweet from your phone! iPhone! Blackberry!

Take pictures of your post-apocalyptic aftermath, and upload to Twitter! You can even specify your latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates with the iPhone’s built-in GPS. That way, your robot brothers (ro-bros?) will know exactly where your wake of destruction begins and ends. It’s all about efficiency.

Say you’re a robot and you’re surfing the web. Do you wish you could share links of cool things you find?

I mean, I guess you could stuff all of them in an away message, but that’s just crazy.

It’s yet another medium to stalk other robots on. and it’s one-way authorization! you can follow any robot you want, without having them to execute their approval directive!

now let’s see, number of ways to stalk other robots… facebook, twitter, instant message, email, AND the standard optical zooming module. just plain awesome.

But we’re missing the true purpose of Twitter.

It’s a service designed to answer one question… “what are other robots doing?” I mean, you could just talk to them… meet up with them, call them up, send them IM or email… or just save yourself the necessary attention and the hassle and read their Twitter feed.

Yeah, so give it a shot.

And then drop me a line via your [TWITTER FOLLOWING DIRECTIVE]

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