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Recession watch, part two.

“We’re in a recession.”

Some may say we’re in a recession of sorts. But today… well, I beg to differ. *begs* Today, as you should know, was BCEC’s Unity Celebration Event. Or just “Unity” for short.

“Hey, are you going to Unity?”
— “Yeah, I just made this batch of almond dofu to bring.”
“Okay, see you there!”
-overheard on the T

To the untrained observer, it may appear that Unity is an exclusive nightclub. Nightclub? Not so much. Exclusive? Definitely. Exclusive to humans.

But for God to bring 1,000+ people and copious amounts of food, drink, and dessert to a CASTLE! replete with moats and windows that archers can shoot out of? We’re definitely NOT in a recession of any kind. Want more proof?


Yeah. Does that look like a recession to you? But anywho, let’s update the Recession Scoreboard.

Recession scoreboard.

[ 1 ] “Yup, we’re definitely in a recession. Receding, if you will.”
[ 1 ] “What recession? I just bought this bag of chips. More like concession.


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2 Responses

  1. Will S. says:

    NEW at The Will of The People…

    The Great Recession: Quite a Trip


  2. I like cynics! Nice blog…

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